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We stand out as a white glove service moving company local to Post Falls, ID. Our hometown base is part of the Panhandle Movers LLC company, committed to superior customer service and careful, concientious moving.

Moving to Post Falls? We Can Make it Happen

The huge growth of West Coast cities taking place is setting the stage for retirees and others with the means to sell their homes and cash in on large amounts of equity who can now afford to buy homes and properties in the North Idaho region. Post Falls gives newcomers access to multiple areas of North Idaho for leisure and relaxation.

Portland to Post Falls Long Distance and Interstate Moving Quotes

Ready to get a quote on your Portland to Post Falls long distance moving? Choosing a local, independently owned moving company insures you know who is handling your belongings. Starting with a real person answering your call and greeting you courteously on moving day, we provide a personalized service larger companies cannot. We provide friendly and efficient service with constant focus on the safety and security of your home from start to finish.

Few people know that national movers complete most of their moves by brokering out jobs to companies - some of those companies aren't even movers. Shockingly they are owner operator truck drivers who hire last minute loading and unloading help from Craigslist (Craigslist is an area that is plagued with multiple illegal moving companies who have no workman's compensation -- which leaves you open to a lawsuit if someone were hurt during your move while on your property -- and who pay workers under the table). This is a frequent practice that many clients are unaware of as they watch their belongings loaded and driven away.

We broker to no one. We complete your move from location to location and with the care, communication and service you deserve. On cross country moves we will sometimes receive the assistance of another moving company, typically that would be a highly rated five star company. We go to great lengths to ensure a professional experience at both ends of the move.

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Beware National Moving Companies - Here's Why

The stories customers have about using national movers are numerous. A common complaint is the lack of communication about delivery times. Families have been forced to live in motels for a week because delivery was not made in the two days promised.

We remain in contact with all of our customers and are quick to provide updates. We don't have those kind of delays due to the fact we are Point A to Point B movers -- we are not a van line that is shipping multiple customers to different parts of the country. Did you know that a mishap in a trucking yard can mean your goods are now stuck for possibly weeks at a time? It has happened many times over the years and caused severe stress and pain for many people who've experienced it.

We Give You Piece of Mind on Your Portland to Post Falls Move

Choosing Post Falls Movers affords you the peace and security your move is in the hands of one company. That said, we actually care about the safety of your property and meeting promised delivery times. You are our valued customers and we want to provide you the service and courtesy you deserve.

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  • "I've used this company twice in the past month to help us move. They were fantastic. Punctual. Friendly. Careful with items. Professional. They will be my first call when I need any help moving something."

    Stacey B.
  • "I would recommend (them) to anyone who is in the process of moving. They were knowledgable, friendly, and worked hard to work with my moving schedule. I used them twice..."

    Michelle T